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May 10, 2016 Laurent Wolf - Saxo (Sad Panda & Stanislav Shik Remix) BUY = FREE DL 11 months ago11 I like the choice of bass. Nice transitions and. Laurent Wolf soaks in this holy night-trilogy since his debuts, as for 12 years already, . . Drum & Bass . After several years to remix for the others, it is the click in his mind : Laurent wants to . When it works, as with "Saxo" or "Calinda ", it's the fire on the dancefloor while nobody knows it. . High Voltage Electro House Oct 1, 2012 ELECTRO TECHNO DANCE MIX OCT VOL 7 2012 (DJ SANCTION) THE WEBSITES YOU CAN FOLLOW ME ON, LISTEN, AND DOWNLOAD.

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